Did you know that getting a massage can do measures for your health? Aside from the obvious joy of relaxation and stress-relief, massages have a lot of surprising health benefits.

1. It can help reduce stress and anxiety

Feeling a little stressed-out lately? Massage therapy can help with mindfulness and refocusing your clarity to the important things that matter.

Massage therapist Angela Olinger stated in her blog that the emotional benefits of massage can be just as valuable as the physical benefits. "Massage provides a safe and nurturing place for individuals to relax, refocus and find clarity. It can increase awareness of the mind-body connection. Massage can generate confidence and enhance self-image and self-worth. "

2. It can help ease muscle pain

Most of us would agree that massages are without-a-doubt relaxing and help reduce pain.  But, is there science behind that statement? 

There hasn't always been, but there is now. Time magazine reported in their article "How Massage Helps Heal Muscles and Relieve Pain" that "Researchers at McMaster University in Canada found that massage affects the activity of certain genes, directly reducing inflammation in muscles — the same result you’d get by taking aspirin or ibuprofen — and boosting their ability to recover from exercise."

3. It helps relieve headaches

About 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches-- and massage therapy is known to help give those who suffer from tension headaches and migraines some relief. 

How does it help? By promoting circulation, decreasing pain in trigger points, relieving muscle spasms and tension and regulating certain hormones. 

"Chronic headaches are one of the most common complaints made to healthcare practitioners every year. These headache sufferers are looking for some answers and treatment. Headaches are most often treated with over-the-counter or prescription medications. These treatments are highly effective, but can be a temporary solution for a chronic problem. Massage therapy has shown to be effective in treating migraine and tension headaches." -Candice Reimholz in her article "Massage Therpay to Relieve Headache Pain"