Aptiva Health is Disrupting Traditional Healthcare


Let’s face it, the current healthcare system is broken. Why is the national average 24 days to see a doctor? Why are patients forced into a ten story parking garage to walk hundreds of thousands of square feet in a hospital to find their doctor’s office? Even worse, why are patients forced to drive all over town to go to different specialty appointments, imaging, and physical therapy? If you ask us at Aptiva Health, we believe there is a better way. Let’s talk about how Aptiva Health has worked over the last few years to change many unnecessary patient burdens faced in healthcare.

From the onset, at Aptiva Health, our focus has been on patient care and innovation. To us, innovation is not simply utilizing cutting-edge medical technologies or minimally invasive surgical techniques. Instead, it is about taking a different approach to not only how healthcare is delivered to patients, but the overall patient experience during the healthcare exchange. For this reason, we set out to establish centralized treatment locations with multiple specialists, diagnostic capabilities, and healthcare services all under one roof.

In November of 2014, Dr. Thomas Huhn embarked on the creation of what would evolve into Aptiva Health. By partnering with well known orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, physical therapists, and diagnostic facilities, he was able to provide an all-in-one treatment option to patients. At the time, Dr. Huhn’s vision was not widely shared by many traditional healthcare practitioners.

In addition to offering a multitude of specialists and service offerings under one roof, Dr. Huhn focused on patient wait times. To put an end to weeks of waiting for an appointment Dr. Huhn made himself personally available to see patients at their convenience, often coming to clinic to see only one or two patients in a day. As the practice grew and additional physicians were added, Dr. Huhn was able to ensure patients could see a physician or qualified healthcare professional within 24 to 48 hours. This snowball continued to roll and with the addition of several more orthopedic surgeons, Aptiva Health is now able to offer same-week orthopedic appointments.

Next, Dr. Huhn looked at the struggle many patients faced when going to a hospital campus for healthcare. Dr. Huhn’s focus to solve this problem was to find space in multiple cities that were either free-standing or easily accessible and away from traditional hospital campuses. This vision allowed patients to pull right up to the front door at some clinic locations. This focus remains a driving force when Aptiva Health looks for new locations in other areas and has served as a tremendous benefit to patients.

Similarly, at Aptiva Health, we have continued to focus on patient convenience and experience on an equal playing field with patient treatment. At each Aptiva Health facility, patients are greeted with smiling faces and walk into clean and well-finished clinic spaces. Often patients will find their favorite Netflix show playing on the television or hear some of their favorite music playing in the lobby. In each of our offices patients will find the Aptiva Health staff attentive, friendly, and willing to help. Patients will also be able to see a stark contrast in their overall wait time from other larger facilities. Our staff and physicians are measured not only on the quality of patient care, but patient experience, satisfaction, and wait times. This focus ensures Aptiva Health continues to meet and exceed patient expectations.

Finally, at Aptiva Health, we constantly strive to stay agile and able to bring the most healthcare service offerings and specialists to patients at each of our locations. To that end, construction is currently nearing completion on our state-of-the-art imaging facility at our newest Louisville office. Once completed, this office will offer medical treatment, in-office procedures, physical therapy, and diagnostic imaging all under one roof. This project coincides with the addition of two well-known medical specialists, Dr. Steven Ganzel and Dr. Michael Casnellie. These phenomenal doctors are a fantastic addition to the already stellar team at Aptiva Health!

If you would like to benefit from immediate appointments, short waiting room times, and a completely new healthcare experience, give us a call today! Toll Free: 1-844-999-DOCS