According to a recent study, the average wait time for a new patient appointment with a physician is 24 days. As you can imagine, if you are sitting at home in pain after twisting your knee playing in your church’s recreational league you are not pleased to find out it could be more than three weeks before you can get in to most doctor’s offices. Even worse, once you are able to be seen as a new patient, if you are referred for further diagnostic testing (x-ray, MRI etc.) it may take several more weeks before you are able to obtain these studies. Then again, you are forced back on the hamster wheel to wait for another doctor’s appointment and potential referral to a specialist. In the end, you have been subjected to weeks, potentially months of waiting in pain to find out what treatment options you have.

At Aptiva Health, our entire structure is in opposition to the common referral pattern described above. At our facilities, we provide immediate appointments and strive to see new patients within 24 hours. We also offer diagnostic testing, physical therapy, in-office procedures, and specialist appointments all under one roof. You can literally twist your ankle today, call our office, be seen tomorrow, receive an x-ray the same day, an MRI the next day, and see an orthopedic surgeon the same week. By bringing all services under one roof we are able to better accommodate our patients and expedite their needed treatment and thereby, how quickly they recover from an injury.

At the end of the day, we strive to set ourselves apart from ridiculous national average wait times and inconveniences. Our team of physicians, staff, and medical personnel are trained to provide immediate appointments to patients and work with patients to ensure they have the best experience while treating at our facilities. If you have any questions about what makes Aptiva Health different, call us to schedule an appointment today!