3 Simple Tips To Improve Your Wellness in 2019

I know, everyone is already sick and tired of talking about their resolutions for 2019. But listen, I am not here to discuss resolutions, I am here to provide three simple tips from our Medical Director, Dr. Thomas Huhn, that will help you lead a healthier and happier 2019.

First, stop the bad habits. I realize it is not as easy as it sounds, but tell me this, is it easier to pick up training daily to conquer that marathon or easier to put down the obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving the health goal you set for 2019? In Dr. Huhn’s opinion, without cutting out smoking, daily alcohol consumption, or other bad habits, you may never have the energy or ability to tackle your health related goals.

Second, get some sleep. Without proper rest and nutrition you will not have the energy or fuel your body needs to begin your exercise regimen. Beyond the energy benefits, getting a good night’s sleep also reduces stress, increases focus, and can decrease your predisposition for serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. According to Healthfinder.gov, getting a good night’s sleep can also help you avoid common sickness, keep you at a healthy weight, and increase your propensity to make good decisions.

Finally, Dr. Huhn encourages patients to take smart steps to improve their dietary habits. Dr. Huhn states, “People tend to forget the vital part that food plays in their overall health. It’s really simple, if you put good things in, you get good things out, if you put bad things in . . .” well, you can guess the rest. Regular exercise is important but according to research, nutrition has the largest impact on our fitness.

In the end, Dr. Huhn pushes patients to take baby steps at the start of the year to set the tone for the months ahead. If you are looking to make a change in your overall wellness in 2019, he encourages you to start by following these three simple steps.

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